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The Association of Dance Competitions & Conventions is a collective of independent dance competitions and conventions supporting its members through networking, education, access to resources, and camaraderie. These competitions work together to try to improve the overall industry for studio owners.


Coordinating with your parents and students to attend a dance competition during school hours is nearly impossible. Skip this headache by attending events hosted by the following competitions!


Sometimes a competition just isn't enough & you'd like to have convention opportunities for your students. Attend events hosted by these competitions to get the best of both worlds!


Early Birds get the worm! Make your decisions wisely and make sure to benefit from registering early with these competitions!


Tired of expensive media package costs from competitions that are charging fees making it increasingly difficult for your dance families? Choose from these free media competitions!


Looking for an opportunity for your dancers to be eligible for a title award without the extra cost? These competitions provide a free title program.


Is offering your dance families who cannot attend a dance competition, the opportunity to tune in via live stream important to your studio? These competitions provide live stream options.


Avoid the headache of balancing a schedule that requires you to be in two different rooms at the same time trying to support your dancers at a multi-stage event. These competitions limit their events to single stages to help studios.

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